Leather Repair Singapore

Leather-wrapped furniture is comfortable to the touch and aesthetically pleasing when matched properly to the room. Unfortunately, leather, like many other furnishing materials, wears out over time with constant usage. Luckily, a simple leather upholstery service can restore the piece of furnishing to a better-than-brand-new condition at a cost lower than having it replaced! We are an experienced leather upholstery company that you can count on for excellent results, just ask the thousands of clients we have served since we begun. There are two key points that we think separates us from the competition, that is affordability and material choices.

Extremely Affordable

In most cases, price is very important when it comes to leather upholstery as it doesn’t make sense to reupholster a leather piece at a price higher than having it replaced, unless of course it holds sentimental value to its owner. That’s why our prices are no higher than what is fair and honest.

Material Choices

With a collection of more than a thousand different upholstery materials flown in from all corners of the world, our team of craftsmen can customise your reupholstered leather furniture down to the smallest detail, making it truly a one-of-a-kind piece that suits your taste and style perfectly.

Leather is a high-end material that our own in-house craftsmen are trained extensively to work with. In fact, we are so committed to quality that we provide an extensive craftsmanship warranty that covers any issues you may have with our work. The whole process is handled by one of our specialists from start to finish. That means that unlike dealing with most service providers, we actually place great importance on providing you a truly hassle-free experience throughout. If you are looking to have your furniture such as sofas or chairs reupholstered with a new layer of premium leather, contact our team for a proper quotation at no cost today.