About Kia Meng Upholstery


Ever feel that you want your old furniture to be reborn again, giving that you that rush of receiving new furniture again without having to replace the entire piece? Fret not, as we at Kia Meng Upholstery will fully revitalise your furniture. Established in 1986, we leverage on our experience to provide you tried and tested techniques to breathe new life into your old pieces, no wonder why we've thrived in the industry for this long. Beyond that, we also deliver our services quickly in just a week or two so that you won't have to go a full month with an empty spot in your property, whether home, commercial or industrial.

The best Upholstery Services in Singapore

Here at Kia Meng Trading, we've always took pride in our quality of service we provide. We ensure all our staff are trained to be professional, resourceful and quick in their work. Our globally sourced collection of over 2000 materials and proprietary methods are kept up to pace with technology and combined specially to provide you a truly unrivalled upholstery service for your sofa, furniture, stools, bed frames and so much more.

We Care for Our Clients, Large or Small

Over the past three decades, our emphasis on delivering quality work to each and every one of our customers has allowed us to be a known name in the industry, especially in the sofa reupholstery space. Training is one thing, but we also ensure that all our craftsmen are trained with the very latest methods and equipped with the best technology in the field to aid them in their pursuit towards excellent upholstery. Resulting in service that is not only high quality, but also extremely quick for simple jobs and large-scale contracts.

Friendly Staff

Professionalism is all well and good, but one of the core things our employees demonstrate on the job is the readiness and enthusiasm in coming up with solutions for your desires. They will be eager to hear what you have to say and collaborate with you every step of the way so that the upholstery service will end with you being satisfied with our work.

Extremely affordable.

We understand that clients only want the highest value services the industry can provide, which is why we provide our upholstery and reupholstery services at honestly competitive prices. This is enabled through our 100% in-house work policy, meaning nothing is outsourced, giving us significantly lower operational costs than the competition but yet much better quality. This savings is passed on to our clients so that they can enjoy it all: Affordability, speed and quality services.

If at this point we have not convinced you to give our professionals a call, talk to us and we'll clarify any queries you have. If you are convinced, go ahead and give us a call, we assure you that you will be happy with the results.