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Upholstery Services
If you're looking to give your home or business a fresh look, custom upholstery work is undoubtedly the best way to go. By having your current furniture redone to match your desired style, you can have a piece that is truly one-of-a-kind.
Furniture Cushion
Having your furniture cushion remade is another one of our strengths. As we work with a variety fibres, foams and feathers, we can deliver your newly upholstered furniture with a feel that mass produced furniture simply cannot do.
Wall Panel / Head Board
The simplest way to make your bedroom more stylish and luxurious is through our custom upholstered wall panel. We offer bespoke headboards that'll amaze with its elegance and most importantly, comfort for a good night's sleep.
Commercial Upholstery
Commercial property locations may require bespoke furniture to suit a place's style and its atmosphere. Our own specially designed workshop has the ability to fabricate your desired furniture and maintain it to the standards you deserve.
Custom Curtains
Get bespoke curtains made for your property. Choose from our range of high quality fabrics imported from around the world. Contact our team for free measurement and quotation.
Contact us to learn more about our affordable carpet options for homes and offices. Let us know the size of your property and we will provide you a quotation.