How To Choose The Perfect Upholstery For Your Home

While buying new furniture, we first think of the colour and setting. But upholstery is a major component of the decision whether you buy a sofa or a couch. The maximum percentage of people will keep the colour at the topmost priority. The truth is, there are factors other than colour which are equally, probably more important while choosing the perfect upholstery for your furniture. Here are certain things you need to know.

  • The fabric needs to be durable and sturdy
  • Upholstery is a crucial investment and it will go along with you for a long time. So you need to get your hands on a material that lasts longer and can withstand moisture, daily wear and tear and is stain resistant, colourfast, easy to wash and maintain and sturdy.
  • Your choice will also depend on the purpose of the furniture you're using it for as that will determine the exposure time for the fabric.
  • Higher thread counts are more durable, and a dense, thick fabric is always better.
  • Microfiber and leather upholstery is always better for withstanding wear and tear.

Style of fabric

The fabric style and print should always complement the personal style of the owner and the décor of the house. This also depends on the location and purpose of the furniture. You can experiment with a lot of styles and fuse them together too. This also depends on your personal style and the patterns need to suit the room size and colour scheme.

Colour of the fabric

As mentioned, colour is the most important aspect of choosing a upholstery company as this is the first thing someone will notice about the furniture. A sofa will dominate the entire room, so an ideal colour is necessary. The colour of the fabric should match the colour scheme of the room and you should avoid colours which are a part of the current trends.

Always go for neutral colours as they can match any setting. Avoid bold colours for smaller areas and don't choose delicate colours if you have kids and pets around as the wear and tear and maintainence required is enormous.

You also need to see the colour scheme of the room and the mood you want to set in that location

Miscellaneous - The Other Things to Remember

Other factors that should govern the choice of your upholstery are the climatic conditions, humidity levels, and sun exposure. Also, the presence of pets and family members with allergies are important factors too.

If your room is very sunny, you might want to get a fade resistant fabric for the upholstery.

If you live in areas with moisture, your upholstery will be prone to mildew attacks, so you need a mildew resistant fabric.

For members of your family who suffer from allergies, you need to keep your house dust free and even your upholstery should not be susceptible to dust accumulation. In this case, microfiber is a very good choice.

You can't use delicate and fragile fabrics like silk if you have pets in the house. Choose a low maintainence, easy to clean and less likely to dust, pet friendly fabric that is resistant to wear and tear.